Dikey yayınları 8.sınıf ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 19 cevapları

28. Read Samenta s letter again. Imagineyou are Auntie Pam. Complete the letter using and , but and because . Give Samenta someadvice.Suggested Answers:Accept them as they are. Because you know youcan t change them. Wait and learn about them andtheir lifestyles. You can have different viewpoints.See good sides of your friends. Make them see youas their true friend in a short time. Wait and live asyou are. But, don t make them spend most oftheir time with you. Talk about your morals anddisciplines. Respect their morals and disciplinesand they should respect yours as well. Neverexpect anything. Give what you want to receivefirst.29. People make friends through theInternet. What do you think about it? Work inpairs. Complete the table. Then, make yourchoice; face-to-face friendship or friendshipthrough the Internet. Discuss giving reasons.Suggested Answers:Pros:1. You can save time.2. You can learn about them by the time.3. You can break up easily and stop chatting.4. You can find lots of friends.Cons:1. They can tell big lies.2. You can waste of your time.3. You can be hooked.4. You cannot find a real friendship.30. TASKMake a list of the qualities of your idealfriend. Use a dictionary when you need.Suggested Answers:1. He / She should be honest.2. He / She should be supportive.3. He / She should be realiable.4. He / She should be understanding.5. He / She should be sensible.6. He / She should be funny.

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